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What is the color temperature of sunlight? Daylight color temperature at noon is 5600K, but sunlight color temperature can vary widely based on time of day and weather conditions. To give the perception of daylight bluish white light, use light sources with a color temperature of 5000K or higher. Sunrise & Sunset. These represent when the upper edge of the sun's disc disappears below the horizon. During this time the sky may become an intense fiery red or pink, depending on cloud cover. The hour after sunrise and before sunset is commonly referred to as the "golden hour," since this is often when sunlight appears as a rich orange. Dawn & Dusk. These represent the start and end of civil twilight,. The effective temperature, defined by the total radiative power per square unit, is about 5780 K. The color temperature of sunlight above the atmosphere is about 5900 K. The Sun may appear red, orange, yellow, or white from Earth, depending on its position in the sky. 2700K is similar to the color of a regular incandescent or halogen light, which looks a little yellow or “warm”. 3000K is a little bit more white, but is still in the “warm” range. 4000K is approaching sunlight colour temperatures, but still a bit on the warm side.

Photographic film is not so forgiving; daylight film is made to be exposed by 5500 K light, while “indoor” film requires light with a color temperature of 3400 K or 3200 K, for professional film. Color temperature is measured in 'kelvins' formerly known as 'degrees kelvin'. To get the idea, think of a piece of metal being heated in a fire. First it gives off a reddish glow and, as it gets hotter, the color gets whiter and then, as it really warms up, it starts to give off a bluish glow.

What Color Temperature Is Sunlight

Feb 04, 2015 · Why does the color temperature of sunlight when viewed on Earth typically change from being around 6500K cool bluish-white light in the morning to a warmer color temperature like 1800K in the afternoon and evening? Light Source Colour Temperature in K ===== ===== Sunrise and Sunset 2,000 to 3,000 Sunlight at 10 Degree elevation 3,500 Sunlight at 20 Degree elevation 4,000 Sunlight at 30 Degree elevation 4,500 Noon Sun and Clear Sky 4,900 to 5,800 Start of Blue Hour. Moonlight has a color temperature of 4100K, while sunlight has a higher color temperature of more than 5000K. But objects illuminated by moonlight don't look yellower to the eye. They look bluer. This holds for indoor scenes like my hall and for outdoor. May 23, 2009 · a. direct sunlight b. blue sky c. white clouds diffusing light from above. Depending on sun angle and water/dust partial size, the color temperature changes from minute to minute. Household tungsten lamp 2600 K Photo lamp tungsten 3200 K Photo lamp tungsten short life studio 3400 K Flash bulb 4000 K Electronic flash 5000 ~ 6000 K Sunlight 5500 K. Although incandescent light provides us with a smooth and continuous spectrum, a 100 Watt standard incandescent bulb has a color temperature of only 2850K with a high proportion of yellow and red color.

A useful way to determine the quality of a light source is its color rendering index. Low color temperature implies warmer more yellow/red light while high color temperature implies a colder more blue light. Daylight has a rather low color temperature near dawn, and a higher one during the day. What color temperature is daylight? A temperature of 4500 is typically referred to as “daylight”. It is one of the colder light temperatures. What color temperature is best for outdoor lighting? The outdoor lighting color really depends upon what you are trying to light. F or example, in the photo on the left both sources of light sunlight on the right; a standard light bulb on the left normally appear as white light to the eye. It's only when we see them together as we do here that the difference in color temperature becomes obvious.

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