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Periorbital cellulitis is a commonly occurring infectious process limited to the eyelids in the preseptal region. It occurs with greater frequency in the pediatric age group. It is important to distinguish this disease from orbital cellulitis, a potentially lethal infectious process involving the contents of the orbit. Periorbital cellulitis. Infections of the superficial skin around the eyes are called periorbital, or preseptal, cellulitis. These infections are limited to the area anterior to the orbital septum. Periorbital cellulitis is predominantly, although not exclusively, a pediatric disease see the image below. We retrospectively studied 30 cases of infantile periorbital cellulitis treated at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center from 1977 to 1988. Characteristics of the disorder in our infants older than 1 month were similar to earlier reports of older children in terms of etiology, radiological and bacteriological findings, and course. A study specifically looking at periorbital and orbital cellulitis since the advent of the vaccine likewise found that the rates of Hib-related cellulitis dropped, from 11.7% to 3.5%. The orbital septum divides the soft tissues of the eyelid preseptal space from those of the orbit postseptal space. Periorbital preseptal cellulitis occurs anterior to the orbital septum and results from trauma, contiguous infection or primary bacteremia among young infants.

The cellulitis is most often due to Streptococcus species; daily amoxicillin or a macrolide may be effective for prevention of recurrences. [13] If tinea pedis is suspected to be the predisposing cause, treat with topical or systemic antifungals. Patients with severe cellulitis require parenteral therapy. the most common signs of periorbital cellulitis are: redness and swelling around the eye a cut, scratch, or insect bite near the eye the skin in the affected area is tender to the touch and migh. Peri-orbital cellulitis is an infection of the periorbital soft tissue characterised by erythema and oedema. There are significant consequence such as leading to both vision and life-threatening consequences, if not treated appropriately. Thus, periorbital cellulitis is an infection that occurs near the eyes. In the vast majority of cases, these infections are benign; however, they do present the risk of spreading to the orbital cavity and progress into orbital cellulitis, which can lead to serious complications. Dec 10, 2010 · 2. Anatomy. There are several important anatomic considerations that are particularly relevant in the setting of orbital cellulitis. The distinction between preseptal and orbital cellulitis lies in the location and extent of the inflammatory process, and one of the major landmarks in this determination is the orbital septum.

Periorbital cellulitis in a well child can often be treated with oral antibiotics if follow-up is assured. Background. Periorbital and orbital cellulitis are distinct clinical diseases, though have overlapping clinical features and therefore can be difficult to differentiate; Orbital cellulitis.

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